KDONAr-84000(1000Y) / 14000(500Y) / 1700

Project model: KDONAr-84000(1000Y) / 14000(500Y) / 1700
Year: 2020
Application field: Chemical industry

Henan Kylin Air Separation Group Co. Ltd.



Operating conditions

GOX yield (optional LOX yield)

O2 purity

GAN yield (optional LIN yield)

N2 purity

Argon yield

Argon purity


84000Nm3/h or 1000TPD


14000Nm3/h or 500TPD

≤2ppm O2


≤2ppm O2

≤3ppm N2

Condition 1

84000Nm3/h or 1000TPD

14000Nm3/h or 500TPD

Condition 2

73000Nm3/h/ 11000Nm3/h or 1000TPD

14000Nm3/h or 500TPD

Condition 3

65000Nm3/h/ 19000Nm3/h or 1000TPD

14000Nm3/h or 500TPD


  1. Unless otherwise specified, all product capacity refer to the volume flow under standard state (0℃, 101.325KPa).
  2. Liquid product capacity has been converted to gas status.
  3. Design mode will be taken as performance test.
  4. The Air Separation Plant is designed, manufactured, inspected, supplied and accepted according to client’s requirements, as well as Chinese National Standard, Enterprise’s Standard of China and Chinese Company’s Standard. All pressure vessels making is in accordance with the Code of ASME.


Process brief:

This ASU design is based on the principle of long-term steady operation, low energy consumption, easy management & maintenance and should be of the international advanced technology. It is of an internal compression process of oxygen, with molecular sieve purification system, turbo-expander with booster and upper packing column, using the technology of expanded air entering upper column. The output oxygen and nitrogen pressure can reach as high as 8.5MPa, which meets the diversified requirements of oxygen and nitrogen pressure in the chemical industry. The yield pressure is adjustable up to 8.5 MPa, which satisfies the diversified requirements of industrial gas pressure in the chemical industry.

Main feature:
1.Adopt the internal compression process and MS adsorbers system, Oxygen and Nitrogen is pumped into high pressure inside cold box and product compressor is not necessary.
2.Adopt the water cooling tower to recover the cold resource from waster nitrogen gas, to make full use of moisture adsorption character of dry nitrogen gas. 
3.All rectifying columns adopt structural packing type, which reduces the operation pressure and saves electricity consumption of MAC. 
4.The range of load adjust will be in scope of 80-110%, which is flexible for the client use.
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