KDONAr-42000/40000/1200 (2700TPD+50TPD)

Project model : KDONAr-42000/40000/1200 (2700TPD+50TPD)
Location : Indonesia
Year : 2018
Application field : metallurgy
ASU specs :

Henan Kylin Air Separation Group Co. Ltd.


operating conditions Oxygen yield (optional LOX yield) O2 purity (upgradable) Gox Pressure (compressor inlet) Nitrogen yield (optional LN yield) Nitrogen  purity Gas Nitrogen Pressure Argon yield Argon purity
Design 42000nm3/h or 1440TPD (1000nm3/h or 34TPD 99.6%O2 0.05mpa 40000nm3/h or 1200TPD (1000nm3/h or 30TPD) ≤10PPmO2 0.01mpa 1200nm3/h or 50TPD 10kpa /0.9MPa

Process brief :
This equipment is a set of double structured packing rectification column, normal temperature molecular sieve pre-purification, turboexpander, liquid oxygen self-pressurization, hydrogen-free argon production, instrument control system, and electric System. The process follow the most advanced international conventions and implement design patterns based on stable operation.
Main feature:
1. Lower pressure at air compressor outlet and higher pressure at Gox compressor inlet to save energy.
2. Extremely high level production and installation quality.
3. The operation is stable and simple.
4. Excellent pre- and after-sales services.


Henan Kylin Air Separation Group Co. Ltd.
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