KDONAr-3000Y/4000Y/50 (220TPD+2TPD)

Project model : KDONAr-3000Y/4000Y/50 (220TPD+2TPD)
Location : Jiangxi
Year : 2017
Application field : Gas investment
ASU specs :

Henan Kylin Air Separation Group Co. Ltd.

Operating conditions Lox yield (optional Gox yield) O2 purity (upgradable) Liquid Nitrogen yield (optional LN yield) Nitrogen  purity Argon yield Argon purity
Design 3760 liter/h or 100TPD (1500nm3/h or 50TPD) 99.6%O2 6170 liter/h or 120TPD (6000nm3/h or 180TPD) ≤10PPmO2 60 liter/h or 2TPD 2PPmO2 ≤3PPmN2
Condition1 4135 liter/h or 110TPD 5710 liter/h or 110TPD (5500nm3/h or 165TPD)
Condition2 3005 liter/h or 80TPD (1500nm3/h or 50TPD) 7405 liter/h or 145TPD (4500nm3/h or 135TPD)

Process brief
This process is an all-liquid air separation process integrating normal temperature molecular sieve adsorption purification, nitrogen cycle pressurization, high and low-temperature pressurized turbine expander, full distillation of packed fractionation tower to produce argon. And is one of the most advanced all-liquid air separation processes in the world.
Main feature :
1. The use of high and low-temperature expander refrigeration to obtain a larger unit enthalpy drop and improve the distillation conditions of the upper tower.
2. Use nitrogen recycling booster to pressurize and expand to reduce energy consumption.


Henan Kylin Air Separation Group Co. Ltd.
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