A New Achievement to Boost Development

July 22, 2020

The aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger is currently one of the most efficient of its kind. It is widely used in air separation, natural gas liquefaction, and olefin cooling box, petrochemical, engineering machinery and other related fields due to its compact structure, lightweight, small size, and high heat transfer efficiency. The aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger is composed of plates, fins, seals, and deflectors. The fins, deflectors, and seals are placed between two adjacent plates to form an interlayer. Such interlayers are overlaid in different ways based on the fluid and brazed into a whole to form a plate bundle. It requires sophisticated technology, with a strict and complicated manufacturing process.

A large number of plate-fin heat exchangers are used in our complete set of ASUs. It is a central part of the device, and its performance has a direct impact on the operation of the complete unit. Previously, the plate-fin heat exchangers were purchased, and the product quality and delivery time could not be effectively controlled. Based on the decision by the Group Company after research, in October 2019, the Company independently built a set of plate-fin heat exchanger production lines for fin pressing, cleaning, drying, plate bundle assembly, vacuum brazing, final assembly, non-destructive testing, pressure testing, drying, nitrogen filling protection, etc.

Our Company has great advantages in the design and manufacture of plate-fin heat exchangers, and has a complete design, manufacture and management system. At present, the maximum size of the brazed plate bundle unit reaches 6,000×1,300×1,300mm, the maximum design pressure reaches 9.0Mpa and the weight of a single device reaches more than 12 tons; the product can support cold and heat exchange of more than 10 fluids simultaneously. In terms of manufacturing, the Company has a complete quality assurance system, which ensures strict quality control throughout the whole production flow from the procurement of materials to the processing of products. We also conduct regular maintenance on key equipment such as fin presses and vacuum brazing furnaces to guarantee that the product performance meets design requirements. We have made our own "Vacuum Brazing Operation Specifications" based on years of testing and exploration experiences. It is a scientifically proven brazing procedure.

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